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WiGO - Social high-speed Wifi Network

What is WiGO

WiGO is the first global *Social* wifi network accessible to all and allowing anyone to stay online and connected anywhere and at any time. It uses social sharing of internet connections provided by individual partners of WiGO (called WiGO IT members) sharing their extra GB of their data plans which in return allows them to recover their telecom costs and make some nice earnings.

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ANYONE can get online with WiGO

WiGO wifi hotspots are shared everywhere by people around you and your mobile will automatically connect to the best connection available near you - anywhere you are. You will pay only for the data you use (pay-as-you-use) and nothing else. you can choose to disconnect at anytime and your available balance is always visible to you. you can be online where you live, at your work or in a remote mountain trip, or even abroad. WiGO wifi is everywhere.

ANYONE can Earn $$$ from WiGO 

All you need is to join our WiGO IT contributor community. The WiGO IT community members are the ones who are sharing their Mobile Data and are earning money for it. As an IT member you get full control over when, how much, and what limitations you wish to apply to anyone connecting to your Wifi hotspot. You are in charge.

Using WiGO Wifi

Enable Wifi connection on your mobile phone or any other device like your laptop to find the WiGO hotspot near you. If you are already registered with WiGO, your device will automatically connect to the WiGO hotspot and provided you still have some pay-as-you-use balance on your account - you will be online immediately.

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Becoming a WiGO IT contributor

You can earn money by becoming a WiGO IT partner and sharing your mobile data with others over the WiGO social wifi network.

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Become a WiGO Reseller

We are looking for resellers to promote WiGO around the world to the IT partner community. your role will be to recruit and support the IT partners in your area.

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