Becoming a WiGO IT contributor

Use this link to become a partner: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

As a partner you control the amount of data you share , the time slots when  you wish to share your data etc. 

WiGO will ensure that the level of service that users who connect to you receive is optimal. For example we will limit the number of users connected through you to support good level of internet connectivity.

When you become a partner of WiGO we will ask you to provide your security details so no one else can access your account , as well as your choice of how you wish to get paid. We support bank transfers and paypal. 

The payments are made based on a monthly calculation of the GB you shared. you will have a full online visibility to how much you will earn at any time.

For more details on how much you may earn (that varies on the country you are in) please refer to the illustration below.

Illustration of earnings by GB sold per month: