Using WiGO Wifi

If you are already registered with WiGO your device will automatically connect to the nearest WiGO hotspot and provided you still have some pay-as-you-use balance on your account - you will be online immediately. 

If you are not yet a registered user of WiGO not to worry. we would let you try the WiGO internet connection for FREE for a short time so you can experience it for yourself...

Once you are happy with WiGO we will present you a simple registration page where you set up your security password and pay for an online voucher. the bigger the voucher you purchase the cheaper it is to stay online.

You can use Paypal , credit card or other means of secure payment. 

You can choose to purchase a one-time voucher or select the automatic-top-up check box to let WiGO automatically add GB to your account once your current voucher runs out.